Food Truck Mania around Sacramento!

imagesBy Heather Crivellone

I remember the days when I would be out with my dad on one of his construction sites and the “Roach Coach” would pull up and everyone would stop for lunch.  The thought of eating anything off of one of those trucks repulsed me at the time.  However, the days of thinking that food that comes off a truck is uneatable are long gone.  Gourmet food trucks have been sweeping the nation, with Food Network Stars creating reality shows with them, major city events centered around them, and well-known local chefs have been taking their business “to the road” in them.  The idea of a “Roach Coach” is no longer in existence, but instead a gourmet meal that can be found at a local community event.

With the rise of the food truck mania, we can find events in every part of Sacramento to give us a reason to hang our aprons for the night and enjoy some local grub.  The spring time weather gives us an even better reason to hit up these events, as many families come out to enjoy live music and entertainment, while trying out new foods on the trucks.

Recently, I took a poll to see which trucks were favorites among local families- and many of them said KRUSH Burger, Drewskis Hot Rod Kitchen, Chando’s Tacos and Slightly Skewed came up at the top of the list.  You can enjoy all types of foods from gourmet burgers and tater tots, to burritos and Quesadillas, to Specialty Grilled Cheese Sammys and a Pan-Asian flare with skewers for everyone. There are so many more options than these- you will have to take your family out to one of the local events in your area to see which truck is your favorite.   My goal is to check out as many trucks as I can this spring, but to find the menu with the healthiest option for my family.  Although, my kids are happy with e tots and quesadillas, I would like to find those options that are just a bit more “heart healthy” for my family (I promise to report back with my findings).

You can find the local Food Truck events at the Sacto MoFo Website.  And here is a quick list of when the events will take place around town:

Lincoln:  First Tuesday of the month at Beerman’s Plaza
Anatolia:  First Tuesday of the month at Eagle’s Nest Park
Elk Grove:  First Wednesday of the month in Old Town Elk Grove
Citrus Heights:  Second Wednesday of the month at Rusch Park
Roseville:  Second Thursday of the month at Vernon and Lincoln Streets
West Sacramento: Fourth Wednesday of the month at the Lowe’s Shopping Center on Southport Parkway
Rocklin:  Fourth Thursday of the month at Johnson Springview Park
East Sacramento:  Second Friday of the month at Mckinley Park on Alhambra

Some of these events will also offer live music and entertainment for the entire family.  These are fun events not to be missed- so, plan a night out with family and friends and support your local community with some gourmet grub!


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