Top 5 Sacramento Parks to Visit with your Family

By Heather Crivellone

With the beautiful spring weather here in Sacramento, there is no reason to stay inside to play.  We have some great parks around the Sacramento region. Many that offer unique structures to keep kids of all ages entertained and using their imagination to create afternoons full of fun and play!

I have visited countless numbers of local parks with my children and have put together a list of our favorites to share with our readers:

  1. Southside Park– aka the “Spaceship Park” at 2115 6th Street (near U), Sacramento. This 19 acre park has it all – but by far the most impressive attraction for the little ones is the spaceship! The theme of the play area is “the solar system” and there’s a fantastic tot and infant zone in addition to a merry-go-round. What’s not to love??
    Other amenities include: basketball, tennis and bocce ball courts, picnic areas, swimming and wading pools, a 3/4-mile jogging trail, outdoor amphitheater, and a fitness course.
    Parking is generally not a problem … with the exception of fair-weather Sundays, due to the crowds that attend the incredibly popular Farmer’s Market right across the street from the park. And a word to the wise about the restrooms: they are available, but they are not the cleanest of park bathrooms I have seen. Although the park itself is fabulous, the restrooms are not.Southside Park Sacramento
  2. Lincoln Estates Park (known to my kids as the “Rock Slide” Park) at 331 James Drive, Roseville.
    Hidden back in a suburban neighborhood, this little park is a gem!  The small playground is decent size for smaller kids, but the main attraction at this park is the cement slide! Bring cardboard from your recent Costco visits, some Band-Aids (just in case) and sit back to watch your family zip up and down the cement slides.
    My kids were literally on these slides for hours one day…which is why it has quickly become our local favorite hot spot. The park also backs up to some great hiking trails if you get bored with the park and slide, and there is plenty of shade to kick back and relax out of the sun.  The one major downfall to this park is that there is no bathrooms.
    Although, it is in the city of Roseville, so you know there is plenty of shopping and restaurants close by to escape to!
  3. McKinley Park located at 601 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento is probably one of the most well-known and loved parks in Sacramento.
    On any given day, you can see people jogging, playing, and feeding the ducks and even getting married at this popular park! Amenities at this park include a swimming and wading pool, community center, garden and arts center, several large group picnic areas, adventure play area, tot play area, softball and soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball, horseshoe pits, tennis courts and a jogging trail!
    My kids love this park, especially the play structure, They can literally get lost in all the climbing play areas! They do have restrooms, so you can plan a long afternoon out and about with your family at this park.  And every 2nd Friday of the month, you can visit the park in the evening for “Food Truck Mania” and enjoy dinner out and live entertainment.  It’s a great way to spend a Friday evening with family and friends!mcKinley-pgopen1
  4. Rainbow City Park in Davis, located at the corner of W. Covell Blvd. and F Street in Downtown Davis.
    The playground consists of mostly wooden play structures in the form of castles, pirate ships, boats, sandboxes and swings… a bit more exciting than the suburban area play structures made of plastic.
    The kids have fun using their imaginations, while climbing through tires and running around the large fields of this park. They have three playgrounds at this park, along with a “skate park”, a large cement slide, and several fields for playing sports on, bathrooms, plenty of shade and picnic tables. This park is well worth the drive to Davis and is perfect for a day outing.
  5. William Land Park at 3800 West Land Park Drive, Sacramento
    By far this is our family’s favorite park in Sacramento!  Not only is it situated in beautiful Land Park, but it’s home to the Sacramento Zoo, Fairytale Town, Funderland Amusement Park, a golf course and other amenities. This park can turn an ordinary day into a fun-filled family afternoon.
    The playground is enclosed (a huge relief for moms with multiple kids!) and consists of two play structures, sandbox with diggers, swings and even has a wading pool in the summertime (for the kids 7 and under).
    They do have public restrooms, but of course since it is a park, restroom, don’t forget to bring the hand sanitizer! There are plenty of benches and shade trees for a picnic so bring along a blanket and enjoy the day, as the kids won’t want to leave the playground!William Land Park Sacramento

One thought on “Top 5 Sacramento Parks to Visit with your Family

  1. Rainbow City in Davis has been closed since spring 2014. It is due to be refurbished, but the ground needs to be cleaned of chemicals. No word on when it will take place.

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