What to do with Bored Kids? Take them to the Sacramento Discovery Museum!

By Heather Crivellone

Summertime always leads to that same phrase “I’m bored”.  While it’s hard to keep the kids entertained 24/7, it’s always a good to keep them engaged and learning while they are having fun.

Recently, I took my kids to revisit the Sacramento Discovery Museum for an afternoon of exploring (and to get out of the heat!).


To my surprise, they were fully engaged and having fun that we didn’t even want to go home!

First of all, we began the “Science Scavenger Hunt”- they had levels that fit both my youngest (Kinder) and my third grader.  I’m not going to lie, I did bribe them with a trip to Leatherby’s if they finished (a mother sometimes has to do what she has to do…plus- who can’t pass up ice cream on these hot summer days!).

During our afternoon out, they explored the hands on exhibits, learned about space, the elements of our universe, the color spectrum and even “became astronauts” and launched a rocket to space! They learned about reptiles, amphibians and especially enjoyed watching the rabbits have lunch in the Nature Discovery room.  My son’s favorite activity was the interactive exhibit that allowed him to become a salmon as he “swam” in the river trying to avoid the fisherman and eagle who was lurking overhead.   Everyone had a great time and then we even had a picnic lunch near the pond while we watched the turtles sunbathe.

If you visit the museum on weekends, you can catch their planetarium shows and learn about the constellations in our galaxy.  These shows are held at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays for those over the age of 4. The museum is located at 3615 Auburn Blvd. in Sacramento.  They are open daily during the summer from 10:00 am- 4:30 pm.  Admission into the museum is: Children ages 4-12 $6, Teens ages 13-17 $7, Adults $8 and seniors $7.


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