Funfinity: Where Kids Can Bounce And Be Kids

funfinity 1By Heather Crivellone

With these 100 degree days upon us, and the threat of El Nino winter in our future, many moms are wondering what to do with the kids. There are many indoor playgrounds around the area to help kids burn energy and have fun and the newest in town is Funfinity.

Funfinity is the newest indoor play area that has recently opened in the surrounding Sacramento area.  Located at 1195 Dry Creek Road in Auburn, this place has it all!  The indoor play area features slides, trampolines, climbing tunnels and all the fun things to climb through, over and around.  They also have a separate area for the toddlers to play in, so the big kids don’t run over them while rough-housing and playing.  Not only do they have the “play structure”, but they also have arcade games, pool, air-hockey, and bungee jumping!Funfinity 2

What I enjoyed the most about Funfinity, was that they sold food.  Not just snacks, but actual pizza and salads….they even sell beer for those moms and dads who decide to spend a few hours letting their kids play on a Friday night!  The ambience is completely kid friendly, all the way to the Disney channels and Nickelodeon shows playing on the TV’s surrounding the arcade.

We recently took our kids to Funfinity on a Friday after school – we purchased the Groupon to “check it out,” thinking we would be there for an hour tops…we ended up spending 4.5 hours there!  The kids gave it “2 thumbs up” and continue to ask to go back.  If you are in the area or looking for an indoor playground to take your kids, I recommend Funfinity.

Things to remember, you do need to wear socks in the play structure.  They sell some if you forget (we have a nice pair of Olaf socks now), they ask that you don’t bring in outside food as they do sell food there (good prices- $9 for an 8 slice cheese pizza), and come ready to burn energy!  My kids slept VERY good that night!

Admission in Funfinity is only $8.  Bungee Jumping is an additional $5, and they do also offer specials on their website. Check out their website for party packages and more information. So remember, whether we are in the midst of summer heat or winter rains, we can still have fun jumping, bouncing and soaring  through the fun at Funfinity!Funfinity 3


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