Safetyville’s Annual Firefighter Chili Cook Off on September 19

Safetyville chili cookoffBy Heather Crivellone

If you are a native to Sacramento, then you know that Safetyville USA has been teaching children for over 30 years, the basic safety skills they need to know in a fun, interactive and memorable experience.
The goal of their program is to reduce injury and possible death of children resulting from preventable accidents. Trained volunteer tour guides lead children, preschool through third grade, through the town teaching them a variety of safety skills, including: fire, bicycle, pedestrian, electrical, stranger danger, and railroad safety.

Outside of Sacramento in Rancho Cordova- this “mini-city” is set up so children can explore their surrounding at their “own level”.

If you have groups of 10 or more preschoolers, you can take the guided tour around the “city” , however, when we went, we didn’t have that many children with us (WHEW!), so we decided to take the self-guided tour and let the children explore while we visited each exhibit and explained the safety issues with the children on our own. The children took turns pressing the buttons and practiced waking across the streets, watched a video on fire safety at the “fire station”, learned about the dangers of train tracks, electrical wires and more. At the end of our self-guided tour, we all enjoyed our picnics outside and admired the tiny buildings that make up this fun city.

Safetyville is open to the public Monday-Friday 8:45-3:00pm and admission is $3 per person. Make sure you call ahead to make a reservation if you have a large group.

Events are held throughout the year and on Saturday, September 19 from 12pm- 4pm,  join local firefighters for their annual Firefighter Chili Cook-off.  Enjoy entertainment, chili tasting and celebrity judges,  interactive activities and fun for the entire family. Tickets are only $5 per person and children ages 5 and under are FREE!  For more information on this event, visit their website.


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