Enjoy the Old and the New at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Circus EXTREME

Elephants at the Circus

Photo Credit: T. Leonhardt

By Guest Blogger Ida Christian

The circus of my childhood was a big red and yellow striped tent that would appear like magic in an empty field one day, and then vanish a few weeks later, leaving the field somehow emptier than it was before they came. Times have changed, and so has the circus – although, not entirely. All of my favorite acts were still being performed, in addition to some new and exciting favorites with the when the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus rolled into town.

Circus 3

When my daughter and I pulled into our parking spot at Sacramento’s Sleep train arena, there was no outward sign that we had arrived at the circus. But once we made it inside it was a different story. Lights, music and vendors in amusing costumes sold circus treats and bobbles galore.

After finding our seats, we headed straight down to the pre-show event where you could dress up in real circus costumes, try your hand at various fun activities and meet the clowns and other performers. All were friendly and they ended the activities with a dance act that we were invited to participate in.

Back in our seats as the show began, we were fantastically entertained and my 8-year-old was appropriately happy and excited with each new act. This was my first time seeing the Ringling Brothers and unlike the circus I knew as a child, they had incorporated song and dance into the show. It was energetic and wild and very fun.

Circus 4

Feeling nostalgic, I remembered that as a child, I wanted to grow up to be a tight rope-walking circus ballerina – never mind that I had the coordination of a toddler. Despite the fact that my hopes and dreams have since changed, I was very happy to see that a tight rope act was still a part of the circus. There were also a lot of new things to see. We were pleasantly surprised to see camels as part of the show and my daughter’s favorite part of the evening was watching as they shot a person out of a canon. Apparently not even the tigers could top that.

Circus EXTREME performs at Sacramento Sleep Train Arena through Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015.

Tip: Make sure to bring $15 – in CASH for parking so you do not end up having to spend time finding an ATM while you could be enjoying the pre-show.Circus 2


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