Whether Grand or Small, Sacramento has the Perfect Venue for your Child’s Birthday Party

Party BalloonsIf you are stumped with what to do for your child’s next big day, then take a look at our list of birthday party ideas in the Sacramento area.

Anyone with kids knows that planning a birthday party can become a major event. Whatever happened to the days when we made a cake with help from Betty Crocker, blew up some balloons and called it “Happy Birthday”. Today, it seems that every birthday party seems to get a little bigger and more extravagant. My kids know that our parties consist of backyard BBQ’s and cupcakes but, we have been to some outrageously fun birthdays in the past few years.

Here in the Sacramento area , we have everything from magical tea parties at places like Dash of Panache, to science parties at the Discovery Museum and even American Ninja Warrior parties! Yes, we recently had the opportunity to “Beat the Wall” and show off our athletic prowess at Free Flow Academy during an American Ninja Warrior birthday!

Fairytale Town always hosts fun events for those younger children, and if you have pre-teens and up, then let them try their racing abilities at K-1 Speedway.

Between Laser tag, Indoor Surfing, Movie Watching and everything in between… you are sure to find something fun for your entire family.

Visit our birthday party page for ideas on where to host your next event, or for ideas for those cold and rainy Saturday afternoons that our in our future.

By Heather Crivellone


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