Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day at a Sacramento favorite bakery


Did you know that on Wednesday, January 27 the world will be celebrating a very important day?  Yes, it’s the most important day of the year… National Chocolate Cake Day!
I don’t know about you,  but this National day should be declared a National holiday in my chocolate-loving world!  I don’t think the kids would mind an extra day off of school to enjoy in the gooey decadence of chocolate cake… but since I’m sure it will never become an official National holiday, let me enlighten you a little bit about the history of chocolate cake.

Until the 1840’s, chocolate in America, was consumed primarily as a beverage.  It wasn’t until 1765 when the first chocolate cake was born.  A doctor and a chocolate maker teamed up and ground up cocoa beans between huge millstones to make a syrup, where this liquid was then poured into molds, which took the shape of  cake.
The first chocolate cake recipe dates back to 1847 and the first boxed cake mix was created by a company called O. Duff and Sons in the late 1920’s.  And it wasn’t until 1947 when our beloved Betty Crocker introduced their first dry cake mixes to the world.

So now that you have a little bit of history on the chocolate cake, go ahead and indulge this week in some chocolate decadence.  If you don’t feel like making your own cake, then check out the top 4 places to grab a sweet treat here in Sacramento:

  1.  Freeport Bakery:  2966 Freeport Blvd.  Sacramento
    Known by moms around town to have the best birthday cakes!  This place is a local favorite.  Whether you are in town on business and craving a sweet treat, or you are a local and need something for your next dinner party – Freeport has some of the best cakes in town!
  2. Rick’s Dessert Diner:  2401 J Street, Sacramento
    Best late night dessert spot!  This was my personal all time favorite place when I was pregnant… open late and has a German Chocolate Cake to die for.  Always busy, but worth the wait.
  3. Ettore’s European Bakery:  2376 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento
    Ettore’s is a great place to find elegant and unique cakes.  Definitely a crowd pleaser if you were to purchase a cake for your next dinner party.  Some favorites include the flourless chocolate cake and carrot cake.  This bakery never disappoints and you don’t even have to pack your bags to travel to Paris, you can have the best of the European pastries here in Sacramento!
  4. Ginger Elizabeth Chocolate:  1801 L St. #600, Sacramento.
    So, you wouldn’t necessarily come here for cake, but for the most decadent chocolates you have ever had…absolutely!  Located in the heart downtown, this is a great spot for a sweet treat.  Some of their most loved treats include:  coconut cardamom pralines,  macaroons and you can’t leave here without having a mug of hot chocolate.

This is just a short list of some of our favorite sweet spots in Sacramento.  So if you decide to celebrate National Chocolate Day or not, you have some ideas of where to go, unless you choose to grab a box of Betty Crocker and make your own special treat instead.  Either way, we hope you and your sweet tooth enjoy the day!

By Heather Crivellone


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