The Best Museums to Visit on Sacramento Museum Day

California Museum 020

Sacramento Museum Day is this Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016. Sponsored by Bank of America, Sacramento Covered and Amtrak, the 18th Annual Museum Day offers FREE or 1/2 price admission to 26 area museums. As you might have guessed, this is a pretty popular Saturday to be out and about around town! Let’s face it…you are probably wondering if it’s worth getting out there with the kids and fighting the crowds. Well, the answer depends on what your game plan is. We’ve come up with some tips and suggestions to help make Sacramento Museum Day a wonderful experience for the entire family.

  1. Go early. This is sort of a no-brainer, but nevertheless, the most important. If you’ve got kids, you’ll want to avoid the crowds as much as possible – and this means getting to your no. 1 choice of museums first. All museums open up at 10am, so make sure to take into account parking and walking time as you plan your day.
  2. Avoid the most popular museums. The most popular museums for families on Museum Day are typically the California State Railroad Museum, Crocker Art Museum, California Automobile Museum and Sacramento Children’s Museum. If you really must go to one these, make it first on your list. It’s also best to avoid the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town, as admission is 1/2 price rather than free and both parks offer free admission on other days of the year.
  3. Visit a new museum. Take this opportunity to visit a lesser-known or more expensive area museum that you haven’t been to before. Several years ago, my family visited the Aerospace Museum for the first time on Museum Day – we had never been before because admission at this museum is typically more expensive than other area museums. So we took advantage of the free admission, visited first thing, and had a fantastic time. We have been back many times since!
  4. Be flexible. If you are going to brave the crowds on this day, you’ve got to be flexible. Don’t try to pack too much into the day, just choose one or two museums to visit and know that things might get a little bit zooey. And be aware that some museums have a limit of how many people can be inside at one time (Powerhouse Science Center Discovery Campus), so you may have to wait a bit. Your kids might have meltdowns and you might even head home earlier than you anticipated. It’s best to keep your expectations low and hope for the best on this day.

So, what would be my recommendations for your family on Museum Day? The Sacramento History Museum, Maidu Museum and Historic Site, State Indian Museum, Roseville Utility Exploration Center and California Museum. For the full list of participating museums, click here. Have fun!

What: 18th Annual Sacramento Museum Day

When: Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016

Time: 10am to 5pm

Admission: Free or 1/2 price



3 thoughts on “The Best Museums to Visit on Sacramento Museum Day

  1. What museum has gold miners tools & artifacts? One of my ancestors, Pike Bell had his miners tools in Sutters Fort years ago, but they were moved to another museum. I don’t know which one. Can you help me find out?

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