Frozen Fever is Alive and Well at Sacramento’s Sleep Train Arena this Weekend

Disney on Ice Frozen 1With three girls under the age of six, Frozen fever is alive and well at our house – and Disney on Ice Presents Frozen did not disappoint! Having never been to any of the Disney on Ice productions, I was curious to see how they would make the story come to life.  First and foremost you knew it was going to be a kid-friendly show.  Everyone was encouraged to dance and sing along, to laugh out loud when they thought something was funny (side note: Sleep Train Arena has booster seats available for FREE and we found that very helpful!).  The costumes were bright and fun, and my daughter especially enjoyed seeing Sven and Olaf come to life.  The movements of the performers were very exaggerated and a bit over the top, but when you think about it in the context of performing to a young audience in a large arena it seemed more appropriate.

The visual effects were eye-catching – a lot of colorful flags and ribbons, pyrotechnics, and of course, SNOW!  Every time the snow fell you could hear an audible gasp from the crowd and my four-year-old loved it!  The ice skating itself was also impressive, but almost overlooked because there were so many other things to focus on.

I thought the highlight of the show was going to be Elsa’s “Let it go”, which was mesmerizing to watch with all of the bursts of light and falling snow, but it was clear that Olaf’s “In Summer” was the crowd favorite.  It seemed like all of the performers participated in that number and my daughter loved seeing butterflies, bees, flowers, and birds dance all over the ice.

We had a wonderful time at our first Disney on Ice show and our Frozen obsession lives on for another day. Disney on Ice Presents Frozen will be at Sacramento’s Sleep Train Arena all weekend, Feb.10 – Feb. 15, 2016, with three shows on Saturday and Sunday, and two shows on Monday.  Tickets are still available, you can buy them here.

Post and photos by Kate Nally

Disney on Ice Frozen 4

Disney on Ice Frozen 2


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