5 Family Friendly Pizza Places to Try in Sacramento

Pizza in SacramentoEvery Friday night is pizza night in our home. I love this tradition, as it gives mama a night off from cooking and cleaning, and I can always be sure that at least one night a week everyone can agree on what’s for dinner.

Some nights we pick up a “take and bake” and pop it in the oven. Sometimes we attempt to recreate the chefs we see on TV and flip our pizza dough in the air… always ending up being much more of an ordeal than planned. My favorite nights are when we treat it as a special family date and we hit the town on Sacramento and search for the best pizza pies.

I have compiled a list of our family’s top 5 pizza places in the Sacramento region. Some of these may not be on your list, but you may just have to visit them to try them out. If you have a favorite pizza spot not listed, feel free to let us know. We love to hear from our readers and suggestions are what make this site so valuable to our readers.

  1. Pizza Rock (1020 K Street, Downtown Sacramento). Don’t let this hip nightclub appearing pizza joint scare you away from taking your kids.   They have some of the best wood-fired pizzas in Sacramento.  Loud music, a wild truck “hanging” from the ceiling and the ability to watch the pizzas go directly into the wood fired oven give this perfect place to take kids for an evening out on the town.   Of course, too late on a Friday or Saturday night, you will begin to get the college crowd hitting the club scene, but, if you go in for dinner, you won’t be disappointed. They also offer Kids in the Kitchen class for children ages 5-12 on the first Saturday of the month. At 11am, they let kids create their own pizza concoctions. Flipping pizza dough in the air is a favorite with my kids! Reserve your spots to this monthly event in advance.  $10 per child.
  2. Pieology:  With several locations (Roseville, Rancho Cordova and Downtown Sacramento), you can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.  Stand and order service where you pick and choose the crust, sauce and all toppings. Each pizza is served for an individual, so everyone can choose their own toppings. My daughter loves pepperoni and cheese.  My son loves his olives and sausage. I’m partial to adding all the veggies, while my husband is the meat-eater. We can order what we want without having to hassle about everyone’s likes and dislikes. This pizza comes out very fast, so it’s great for a busy night when you are on the go and don’t necessarily want the ambience of a “date night”.
  3. Masullo’s (2711 Riverside Boulevard, Sacramento). We absolutely love this place. Wood fired neapolitan pizza all served on family long tables. Everyone gets “close” here and it’s very family friendly.  The atmosphere is more date night”than Pieology, but it’s not so fancy that you can’t take your youngest of children (they have clean restrooms and changing pads for babies!).
  4. Hot Italian (1627 16th Street, Midtown): Located in the heart of Midtown, this is a great place for visiting during a 2nd Saturday Art walk, or after you have spent several hours playing at Fremont Park across the street. Pizza is thin crust and delicious! My daughter thought her pepperoni was a little to spicy, but, the gelato after cooler her mouth right off. You can order some of the tastiest pizzas in town, and then indulge in my favorite – pistachio gelato.
  5. Skipolinis (6600 Lonetree Boulevard, Rocklin and 191 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom) If you are visiting the Roseville Galleria mall or checking out the Folsom Outlets, then you must stop in to Skipolinis for an Italian meal (pizza of course) with your family. Definitely a family friendly restaurant, full bar and big screen TV’s for the adults watching the games and a play structure to keep those little ones busy and entertained while waiting for their pizza.

I hope you find this list helpful for planning your next week’s meals.  Everyone needs a break from cooking every once in a while, and if you are visiting from out of town, make sure you stop into some of our local favorites. Ciao

By Heather Crivellone


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