Kids Skate Free at Local Participating Skating Rinks


One of the most fun and carefree activities a kid can do is to lace up some roller skates and hit the pavement.  I remember hours of enjoyment roller skating around the local park and at the local roller rink.  Enjoying our junior high days at the “sock hops” and dancing the night away on roller blades.   The music, the lights and the fun of just skating hours away with friends while making memories that have lasted forever.

Recently, I decided to take my daughter and her friends on a roller skating adventure.  I was quite naïve to think that she would actually want to skate alongside and hang out with me (she is 8 going on 18 after all), so I found myself sitting on the sidelines watching them whiz past me while I enjoyed a little fountain bubbly from the snack bar.

With spring break around the corner and with the grey days we typically have in March, you may want to check out some of the skating session times near you.   There are several roller skating rinks in our area, and we even have a couple of ice skating rinks if you are brave enough to hit the ice.

We went to the Roseville Roller King. The skate rentals were reasonable and the session was the perfect amount of time to skate, get tired and be ready to go home! They also offered a “learn to skate” class before our session to teach us the basics. Here is a list of local skating rinks in the area (Be sure to double-check their websites for times of sessions and pricing):

Roller King– 889 Riverside Ave, Roseville
Sunrise Roller Land– 6001 Sunrise Vista Drive, Citrus Heights
Foothill Skate– 4700 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento
King Skate– 1048 Franklin Blvd. Elk Grove
The Rink– 2900 Bradshaw Blvd, Sacramento

Ice Skating:

Skate Town– 1009 Orlando Avenue, Roseville
Iceland Ice Skating– 1430 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento

And if your children love to skate and you live close to one of the participating rinks, you can sign up and participate in “Kids Skate Free”.  Sign up your children and they will receive coupons every week for free skate sessions!  This is a huge savings and a great way to get your kids to burn some energy.  Participating rinks include Sunrise Roller Land in Citrus Heights, Roller King in Roseville and The Rink in Sacramento. Happy Skating!

By Heather Crivellone




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