Family Friendly Lincoln AirFest Returns to the Sacramento Region

hn7PaCuNThis weekend, the city of Lincoln (just 32 miles from downtown Sacramento) will host its first Airfest in 7 years!  If you have children who are fascinated with airplanes, hot-rods and balloons, then you should put Saturday, June 11 on your calendar.

The Lincoln Regional Airfest will kick off on Saturday morning, bright and early at 6:30 am with the Hot Air Balloon launch.  Throughout the day you will be able to view classic planes up close and personal.  Check out a classic-car show, enjoy live entertainment, parachutes, tethered balloon rides, helicopter rides, Youth Aerospace exhibits and more.

This event will take place at Lincoln Regional Airport at 1480 Flightline Drive in Lincoln.   Located just three miles west of Lincoln, and approximately 45 minutes from downtown Sacramento.   Admission is $10 for adults, ages 17 and under and FREE!

This is going to be a family friendly event with exhibits, entertainment, food vendors and more.  I remember going to the Lincoln Airfest as a child and sitting in the cockpits of planes on display, imagining that I was a famous fighter pilot!   I’m looking forward to taking my kids this year to see the amazement and wonder on their faces as they explore these aeronautical wonders of the sky.



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