You Don’t Need to Jump Out of an Airplane to Experience Skydiving in Sacramento


Have you ever imagined jumping out of an airplane and flying through the air?  Do you have children who are thrill seekers and are searching for the next big “dare”?  Do you know someone that has skydiving on their bucket list, but just can’t take that leap?   If so, then, check out iFLy in Roseville – they make the dream of flight a reality by giving customers “wings” in a safe and reliable environment.

iFly opened its doors this past spring, and it’s all people can talk about!  The ability to free fall in a safe environment and have the experience of skydiving, without actually stepping into an airplane- it’s a genius invention for those thrill seekers who just aren’t ready to make that final plunge.

The idea behind iFly is simulating the true free fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel, giving their customers the indoor skydiving experience. Pretty much anyone can enjoy the iFly experience – the youngest of flyers can enjoy the free fall experience, as long as they are in good health and can follow instructions. Recently, a friend of mine took her daughter for her ninth birthday- and she loved the experience.

When they arrived for their flight time, they had to be at the facility 60 minutes early for training.  Training includes an instructional video, getting suited up into a safe flight suit, goggles and helmet.  They were able to watch the instructor’s complete aerial stunts and maneuvers and have the full skydiving experience. Once the flyers were suited up, trained and ready, they went into an outside chamber to the wind tunnel, where they were chosen individually to step into the chamber.   Within just a couple of minutes, they were flying in the chamber where they learned to use their bodies as flying devices at over 100 mph! The girls each took their turns and loved every minute of it.

Ifly is an experience you have to actually see to believe.   The cost for indoor skydiving starts at $60.  Flight packages vary in cost based upon the number of flyers in your group; whether you have flown before and how much time you want to fly. My friend purchased a package for $140 and that was for two flyers for approximately 4 minutes of flying experience.   That seems like a lot, but for the one on one training, the reassuring and knowledgeable staff and to not have to watch my child actually jump from an airplane to get her thrills…. I’m all for this cost!

iFly is located at 118 Harding Blvd. in Roseville, approximately 25 minutes from downtown Sacramento.  Flying hours are Sunday- Friday 9am-10pm, Saturday 8am- 11pm. Call them at 916-836-4359 for questions and to book a flight.

I have no desire to jump from an airplane and I actually get sick when I think about heights.  This is not an activity for me, but my daughter is a daredevil through and through.  She has been asking to check this place out since they started construction on the facility, so I’m pretty sure we will be making a visit to iFly in the near future.

By Heather Crivellone



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