Climb your Way out of the Rainy Day Blues at Granite Arch Climbing Center

newMats3.jpgBy Heather Crivellone

All of this rain is driving my kids insane!  They have been climbing the walls in our home, so we decided to put that energy to use and visited Granite Arch Climbing Center in Rancho Cordova over the weekend.

Whether your family is into rock climbing, wants to try out to be the next “American Ninja Warrior” or you just have some energy to burn, then you’ll want to check this place out. With over 20,000 square feet of rock wall climbing, you are sure to get any and all wiggles out of your kids.  If you are a skilled climber who has dreams of conquering Half Dome or if you don’t even have a clue as to what a “belay” is, no worries. Granite Arch has something for everyone.

Classes for beginners, youth camps, and knowledgeable staff are on site to help you with shoe and equipment rental.  They can even help to get you off the ground (literally!).

My kids are familiar with rock climbing (thanks to the West Sacramento Recreation Center and REI on Friday evenings), but they were not prepared for the extent of climbing they were about to do at Granite Arch.

Upon arrival, we had to fill out an extensive liability waiver.  I highly suggest printing one out and completing before arrival.  This took up more time than my kids wanted to wait, but, understandably, it’s needed for such a dangerous sport.   Now,  I say “dangerous” loosely.  There was not one thing about Granite Arch that I felt was dangerous.  My kids are quite the daredevils, and I felt very safe at this facility.  Automatic belays helped to ease the worry that if they fell, they were secure by the belts.  My kids had a blast climbing themselves to the top and “jumping” down.

Once they were bored with just climbing up… they headed into the boulder room and climbed up, across and under several “mountains”.   My kids transformed into a Spiderman-type of superhero for the entire day…and loved every minute of it.  I tried my strength in the boulder room, and sadly found that I need a little more time at the gym to get my upper body strength able to pull myself up and across the room!

For those kids who are younger and not ready to climb the walls, they do have an Adventure Room that is designed for children ages 11 and younger.  This was great for when my kids were too tired to climb, but not quite ready to go home – a perfect playground for these rainy days when the kids are climbing the walls at home, but you would rather them not climb on your furniture.

Admission into Granite Arch for a child (ages 11 and under) is $10 or $19 if you are renting equipment (harness and shoes).  Youth/ Young Adult Day pass (ages 12-21) is $11 for the day or $19 for equipment rental. Adults are $13 or $23 for all day including equipment rental.

What: Granite Arch Climbing Center 

Where: 11335-G Folsom Boulevard, Rancho Cordova.

Hours: Monday through Friday from 11:30am-10pm, Saturday 11am-9:30pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm.

Now if you are debating on whether or not you need to rent equipment, I would talk to the staff about what your climbing abilities are.  My children did not rent any equipment and they had a great time climbing for several hours. If this is a sport you have ever thought about taking up, I would highly recommend visiting Granite Arch and checking out one of their classes.  Or if you have kids like mine who are climbing up and on everything, this is a great place to burn some energy during these rainy days. Happy Climbing!







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