Visiting the California Museum with Kids

California: the “Golden State”. Where everyone knows how to surf, lives by the beach and drinks Napa Valley wine. Well, at least that is the stereotype.

What most non-Californian’s don’t know is that we are such a diverse group. From Sunny San Diego to the stars of Hollywood, the low desert to the snowy mountain peaks on Mount Shasta and everything in between, California definitely has it all!

If you are visiting Sacramento on business or you live in our wonderful capital city, then visit our local California Museum and educate yourself on some the great achievements that our state is known for. I had the opportunity to visit this museum with my daughter – and I’m embarrassed to say that it was my first time entering into the building! With young children and living in the area for many years, I have visited all the “hot spots” –  the Railroad Museum, Crocker Art Museum, Aerospace Museum, Sacramento Children’s Museum, etc. I honestly never thought the California Museum was worth my time. Boy, was I wrong!

If you have never visited the museum, its home of the California Hall of Fame. The purpose is to engage, educate and enlighten people about our rich California history. Through interactive exhibits, we learn how the people of California have contributed to the world through innovation, arts, sports and culture. The idea of the “California Dream” comes to life and shows how many individuals have made their personal marks on history.

Exhibits included learning about immigrants coming to California, family experiences in the Gold Rush, and incredible women who have left major marks on California history. Interactive exhibits help teach about “Healthy Habits” and those who have shaped the movie industry in Hollywood. As a mom of a “pre teen” girl- I was proud to go through the exhibit of “Remarkable Women” with my daughter. She loved seeing the exhibits of female athletes, entrepreneurs and scientists.   Showing her that she truly can aspire to be anything she wants to be… including a famous cookie maker (Mrs. Fields) – that definitely got the wheels in her brain turning as she loves to bake!

The museum is open Tuesday- Saturday from 10am-5pm and Sunday from 12pm-5pm. Admission into the museum is $9 for adults, $7.50 for children and seniors.

I would highly recommend making a visit to the California Museum. It makes for a great afternoon trip to Sacramento. Add into your day a picnic at the gardens of the State Capitol and take the walk a few blocks to the California Museum. It will prove to be an educational and fun outing for you and your family.

By Heather Crivellone



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