Summertime Memories are Made at the County Fair!

Big Fun at the California State FairTemperatures have been rising, kids are out of school and it’s time to celebrate those wonderful hot summer nights.  Nothing screams summer fun more than carnival rides, loud music, cotton candy, ice cream and all the fun to be had at a local county fair!
Around the Sacramento region, you can find several local fairs to visit and make summertime memories.  

Here is a list of the local upcoming events:

  1. El Dorado County Fair’s “Ribbons and Rides” will run June 15-18 at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville.
  2. Placer County Fair  “Crazy 80 Years” will run from June 22-25 at the Roseville Fairgrounds.
  3. Annual California State Fair makes its famous appearance July 14-30 at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds.
  4. Amador County will host “We’re Mooving and Grooving” at Amador County Fairgrounds in Plymouth from July 27-30.
  5.  Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley will host their annual county fair August 9-13.
  6. Yolo County hosts “the original free gate fair” at the Yolo County Fairgrounds Woodland from August 16-20.
  7. Courtland Pear Fair.  Sunday, July 30 your family can enjoy all things Pears!  Pear salad, pear jam, pear ice cream, pear pie… you name it- they make it! 
  8. Sacramento Banana Festival August 12-13.  Live entertainment, food trucks and of course… bananas!

So grab your kids and get ready for some corn dogs, funnel cake and head out to the local fair and make some family memories this summer!



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