Burn Energy and Stay Cool at Rockin Jump in Elk Grove!

Rockin-JumpEveryone loves summer… but, with this Sacramento heat, it can cause most people to want to stay indoors and safe from the rising temperatures.  With rambunctious kids, it’s hard to keep them from going stir crazy during these heat waves. 

Recently, my family discovered Rockin Jump and it was the best 2 hours of indoor “cool” entertainment!
Rockin Jump is the “Ultimate Indoor Trampoline Park”.  With large trampolines to bounce, jump, do flips, play dodge ball and/or slam dunk a basketball, you can guarantee your kids (of ALL ages) will have fun getting their exercise in here!

Not only do they have bouncing galore, but, they also have a fantastic rock wall to climb (if you aren’t scared of heights).   This was my daughter’s favorite feature of Rockin Jump, while my son spent the majority of time perfecting his slam dunk and stunt moves on the trampolines.
I especially loved that it was fully air-conditioned, extremely clean and the staff was very helpful with any and all questions we had.   

Our family has visited the location in Elk Grove at 3132 Dwight Rd, suite 900 and again at the newest one in Roseville at 384 N Sunrise Avenue.   Both locations had similar attractions (dodge ball, rock climbing walls, etc), but the Roseville location also has Laser Tag, which was a huge bonus for the rowdy crowd of boys that was with our group.  

To sign up for a “bounce time”, make sure to visit their website, fill out the waivers and choose a time slot.  Admission is based on time:
$9 for 30 minutes
$13 for 60 minutes
$16 for 90 minutes
$20 for 120 minutes

No outside food or drink is allowed into the facility, but they do have a snack bar to purchase treats at.  If you are a busy mom (like me), you will also appreciate the free Wi-Fi… let the kids bounce, climb and play while you get your work done.  It’s a win-win for everyone!  So next time the kids are complaining they are bored this summer… visit Rockin Jump… they will be sure to sleep well that night!






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