A Ten-Year-Old’s Perspective on Visiting Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo



If you want to get out of town for some excitement and thrills, then take a day trip to Northern California’s biggest theme park – Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, just a short hour drive from Sacramento. My daughter wanted to be a guest blogger and explain to everyone why Six Flags is a fun and entertaining day trip. From the perspective of a 10-year-old:

Six Flags is a great place to visit. It has something for everyone including rides, animals, food and more!

If you like animals, there are a lot of cool ones to see. Dolphins, seal lions, sharks and tiger, to name a few. You can see an animal show or just walk by and watch them play throughout the day.

If you like roller coasters and rides, they have lots of choices.  For those who are younger, then visit Looney Toons Town and ride the smaller kiddie rides.

My favorite ride is the Tasmanian Devil. It’s a super fast ride that spins you almost upside down. I love this one because it spins fast, but doesn’t actually go upside down. And my mom will ride it with me! My little brother’s favorite ride is Cobra – a fast, but not scary roller coaster.

For the bigger and scarier rides (I’m not ready to ride these yet- and my mom refuses to go on anything that goes upside down), they have several to choose from.
If you are brave enough, Superman is a really scary upside down roller coaster and the Joker is a wooden roller coaster that seems scary from the ground, but everyone says its fun.  I’m going to have to take their word for it!

On hot summer days, you may need to cool down on the water rides. Monsoon Falls is a log ride that seems harmless enough, but with a steep drop and lots of water, you are sure to get wet! White Water Safari is a rafting ride that takes you under waterfalls and you will definitely get wet on that one!

When you get hungry and need a snack, I recommend the churros. They are delicious!

My family had a great time at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – it is a fun place for everyone!

By Siena Crivellone



One thought on “A Ten-Year-Old’s Perspective on Visiting Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo

  1. It was a special treat to read a blog from the perspective of a 10 year old. Before my youngest daughter went to Discovery Kingdom on a school trip, we watched ‘Blackfish’ on Netflix together. After seeing the movie, she made the decision not to attend any of the animal shows and to remain in the area with rides.

    The painful reality is captivity for wild animals creates suffering for the animals, in the same way humans suffer when we are separated from our loved ones and our freedom is stripped from us. Mental illness, premature death and failure to thrive are commonly the effects of animals in captivity.

    As you share with so many others your experience for people to explore local resources, I hope that you will explore the movies Blackfish (originally aired on CNN), The Cove and An Apology to Elephants (HBO).

    Thank you for your family fun blog, it’s a great resource in Sacramento. Kindly, Cynthia

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