Round Up the Family and Hit the Streets of Sacramento for a View of All the New Artwork Going Up Around the City

If you haven’t already heard, read or seen, Sacramento is currently hosting Wide Open Walls, a huge 10-day mural festival that includes 40 local, national and international artists who are carefully applying their art in a huge way, on various buildings all over the city. The mural festival began Aug. 10 and runs through the weekend, ending on Aug. 20. Even if you aren’t a big “street art” fan, there is something for you to see and enjoy. In fact, few of the murals have that gritty, spray-painted street art look. The many artists vary in style, medium and concept for their art piece. Some works are soothing and beautiful. Some make a loud social statement, while others are fun and playful. What you can be sure of is that each artist’s mural is a planned out masterpiece with purpose and meaning, and sometimes, a history. You’ll want to do your research – learn about the artists, their style and meaning behind their work. Get your kids involved for even more fun!

There are a few different ways you can view the city’s new murals.

  1.  Self-guided tours. Print out the list and map (or pull up on your phone) at the Wide Open Walls website and hit the streets on your own.
  2. Walking and running tours. Don’t feel like navigating the streets on your own? Call in an expert. Sac Running Tours offers running and walking tours of the city’s murals (they also offer other city tours featuring historic landmarks and city highlights.)

Here’s some highlights from this year’s festival – some are complete, many are not. But you can still enjoy!







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