California Indian Museum

California State Capitol

Old Sacramento

Sacramento History Museum

School House Museum

Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

2701 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 445-4422

Sutter’s Fort was built by Swiss immigrant John Sutter more than 150 years ago in Sacramento.  with walls that were 2 1/2 feet thick and 15 to 18 feet high — and developed what he considered to be the real wealth of California — crops such as grapes and wheat, along with vast herds of cattle. Aligning himself with the Mexican authorities, at one point, with his various land grants, Sutter owned more than 150,000 acres of the Central Valley, and was a generous host to such colorful and historically important characters as John C. Fremont and Kit Carson.

Today, the Fort is furnished and reconstructed to reflect its 1846 appearance. Many activities and programs recreate the past thanks to the volunteers who give their time to share their love of California History.

Adults $5 (18 years and older)
Youth $3 (ages 6 to 17)
Children Free (5 and under)


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