American Cuisine

Steamers101 K Street
Old Sacramento
Open daily 8am

If you are spending the day in Old Sacramento and need a place to refuel, then Steamers is your spot.
Located in the heart of Old Sacramento and across from the Delta King River boat, they offer breakfast, lunch and a great coffee bar.
Breakfast is served until 11:00am on weekdays and 11:30am on weekends. They serve the typical breakfast fare (Pancakes, French Toast, Oatmeal, etc.) and for lunch you can choose from Soups, Salads, and Sandwiches.
The kids can always find something from PB&J to Grilled Cheese…and I was told that they have an amazing Hot Dog Sandwich. I’m not a fan of Hot Dogs…but, I took their word for it.
The atmosphere is casual and kid friendly (except for the lack of changing tables in the restrooms- but at least they are kept up and nice and clean).
If your planning a day out with the family, this is a good spot to hit up as they do have a little bit for everyone- including beer/wine and/or cappuccinos for the adults.
Bon appetite!


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