Cafe Vinoteca
3535 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento

In just a few short years, Cafe Vinoteca has become a regular dining spot for many locals. In addition to the fabulous food, the amazing wine selection and the not-to-be-missed banana creme pie, the staff is just plain friendly and always make your visit comfortable and enjoyable.

While Cafe Vinoteca does offer a special menu for children ages ten and under, it is geared more to the older kids both in terms of quantity of food and price. Offering an impressive menu selection ranging from grilled chicken and pasta to grilled cheese, even the pickiest of eaters should be able to find something they’ll enjoy. Prices for the kids menu range from $9-12. For the little tots (or those with tot-sized appetites) you may want to simply share your food rather than order them their own meal. We’ve done this every time we’ve visited and have never had a problem.

The atmosphere of Cafe Vinoteca is more upscale than a Spaghetti Factory, for example, and not nearly as loud so if your kids are having a rough day and you’re anticipating a possible breakdown – you might want to save this restaurant for another evening/day.


Espanol Italian Restaurant
5723 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento

Sacramento’s oldest Italian restaurant (82 years!) serves up down-home traditional Italian food – family style. While they don’t have a kids menu, don’t let that disuade you. Because each entree comes with minestrone soup (and it’s very good), salad and pasta – you will have plenty of food to share with the little ones!  Not only that, but they have an a la carte menu from which you can order smaller portions.


Mamma Susanna’s Italian Restaurant
5487 Carlson Drive, Sacramento

While Mamma Susanna’s doesn’t have a kids menu, it is run by your typical kid-loving Italian family. Most items on the menu come in very large portions, so it’s easy to share your pasta with the little ones. The pizza is a popular item with the kids as well.

There is a fantastic section in the back of a the restaurant that they always seem to sit those of us with kids. This is brilliant on their part, because when the kids start to lose interest in the meal we can let them down to run around with all of the other kids back there and it almost seems like a party!

Plenty of high chairs available; only drawback is that although the restrooms are large they do not have a changing table. We were able to use the small dresser in the women’s restroom as a make-shift changing table, but it did take two of us to make sure my daughter didn’t fall off.


Old Spaghetti Factory
1910 J Street, Sacramento

Always a fan favorite with kids, the Old Spaghetti Factory caters to families in a big way. I’m fairly confident that on any given evening the number of guests under four feet tall outnumber those over by at least two to one. And if you’re the parent of a growing child with an insatiable appetite, the sheer quantity of food – from the never-ending hot-out-of-the-oven loaves of bread with garlic butter to the mounds of pasta – is sure to delight.

For kids ten and under, your child gets the aforementioned loaf of bread, a starter of either applesauce or a salad, a choice of nine different entrees, a drink and dessert all for only $4.99. Simply fabulous!

For us adults, I wish I could share feedback on a variety of menu options, but I can’t. I’ve been ordering the same thing for the last ten years … salad with creamy pesto dressing on the side, and Pot Pourri with extra mixithra cheese. I’ve never been disappointed in my meal – which is enough food to provide me with lunch for the next day.


1501 16th Street, Sacramento
(916) 444-5850

“Real Italian, Real Fast” is their motto….and it’s the truth!  We visited them on a weekday during lunchtime and before I had the kids situated in the highchairs and hands cleaned with antibacterial wipes- the food was ready (okay- I did omit that we visited the restroom prior… but it was still very FAST).   
What’s different about Pronto is that they are a casual counter-service restaurant that specializes in Italian Cuisine…but served fast.  They are a sister restaurant to one of my favorites… Paesanos.  Great Italian food at reasonable prices.
You can choose from Panninis, Salads, Pastas, Pizzas and of course they have a kids’ menu that any kid will love…  especially when it comes with a kids size gelato (perfect to share with mom!).
They do have a small patio for outdoor seating- and since they are located off of 16th street, the traffic can be a bit noisy…but it’s great if you don’t want to worry about your kids’ own noise level!


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  1. I LOVE Italian food, my favorite being lasagna however I could probably spend all day eating anything Italian.

    My personal recommendation in addition to Old Spaghetti Factory which is fantastic would be Geppetto’s in Old Sac.

    I had no luck finding a website however I will offer up these links.

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