Seafood and Sushi

Mikuni Sushi
Locations in Roseville, Midtown, Arden Fair, Fair Oaks, Elk Grove and Davis

Probably one of Sacramento’s most popular restaurants- Mikuni has been serving some of the best Sushi rolls to local Sacramento residents for years.
Now, you are probably thinking that sushi isn’t really a “family friendly” dining option.  Well- my kids who refuse to eat PB&J’s and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are always begging me to take them sushi- yes, they are strange kids!  However, they have options that most kids won’t turn their noses up at.   Teryiaki Chicken, California Rolls, Miso Soup….there is something they will eat, and as parents- you can have a nice dinner out.
We visited the location in Midtown Sacramento and they were very accomodating to our two little crazy kids.   Kids meal, kids cups, balloons, coloring pages, kids “training” chopsticks (a little dangerous for the 2 year old…but, he does still have both eyes), dessert and even a headband!  I was actually quite surprised at how kid friendly they were.  Now, we didn’t go during peak hours (Friday or Saturday night), but we opted for a more “family friendly” time of day.   
So, if you are looking for some great sushi- I would suggest taking the family to Mikuni.


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