City Parks

Bertha Henschel Park
160 45th Street, East Sacramento

Bertha Henschel Park, located at 160 45th Street in East Sacramento is a perfect destination if you have little kids.  This park is hidden in the neighborhood, so it is a bit more difficult to find- but worth the trip!  Tucked away off of busy streets- this quiet park is great for toddlers and preschoolers. The play structure is not so big that you have to worry about losing them in the crowds, yet they have plenty to keep them having fun.
As with most play structures, they have swings, slides, bridges, sandboxes and such. But what makes this playground unique is the “rolling slide”. Basically, a slide that doubles as a back massager- it was fun watching the little inquisitive minds trying to figure how each individual bar kept rolling, while not smashing those tiny fingers!

But of course, the best part of Bertha Henschel is the wading pool. The pool is for ages 7 and under, and at only 12 inches deep, it makes for a fun summer experience for the youngsters. 
The wading pool is open from 12pm-4pm on weekdays and 1pm-5pm on weekends until August 24th. Bertha Henschel has the basic amenities for moms- shade, benches, bathrooms (public of course- so bring your own hand sanitizer) and of most importantly plenty of fun to keep your kids entertained for hours.


East Portal Park
1120 Rodeo Way, East Sacramento

If you are looking for a quiet park to picnic and play at (away from the crowds at some of the more popular parks), then East Portal Park is a good choice.  Quietly situated on Rodeo Way in East Sacramento, it has all the amenities that (most) moms look for.
The Playground has the basics- slides, swings, sandboxes, things to climb on, etc. But most importantly- the playground is enclosed- so those little kiddos can’t escape!
One thing to note…this is more of a “tot” playground. I don’t think the older kids would have as much fun as the younger kiddos- but, they do have a softball field and plenty of room to toss a football around, run around and get energy out!
They have plenty of benches- but no picnic tables directly near the playground, so if you are planning on a picnic- bring a blanket and enjoy the shade.
Luckily, they do have bathrooms- but keep in mind, they are “park bathrooms”…not the cleanliest of places. If your little one starts to do the “dance”- then you have somewhere to take them…if not, just hope they can “hold it”.
Other amenities include BBQ’s, bocce courts and lot’s of room to run and play!
Freedom Park                                                                                                                             3449 Freedom Park Drive, North Highlands 95660
Kids love this Sacramento area city park located just next door to the California Aerospace Musuem.  Staying true to the former McClellan AFB and musuem’s theme of air and space craft, the park’s play structure is unique in that is is in the form of a rocket ship.  There are also covered picnic areas and baseball fields. 
Freemont Park
1515 Q Street, Sacramento

 Located in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, this park has an enclosed playground for the kids and plenty of benches for the mommies (and daddies) to kick back and watch. Unfortunately, they don’t have picnic tables, but they have plenty of shade if you bring blankets to picnic on. However, the best thing about this park (I think) is the location and the eateries surrounding it. Within walking distance you can be at Starbucks, Mochi Frozen Yogurt, Hot Italian, Pronto Restaurant and others.

This park is situated in the heart of downtown, so be cautious and know that you are near very busy streets and you never know who you may meet!
This park also hosts several festivals throughout the year- Chalk it Up is our favorite where we can watch local artists create beautiful works throughout the park! Check their website to see if anything is going on the weekend you are here.

My suggestions is to visit the park in the morning, wear the little kiddos out playing and climbing at the park and then hit up one of the local eateries for lunch!

Mckinley Park
601 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento

Sacramento is loaded with family friendly parks to take the kids and enjoy the colors of fall. One of my favorite parks is McKinley Park, located in East Sacramento (601 Alhambra).
You can take a nice long stroll around the park and through the rose gardens before heading over to feed the ducks at the pond. The kids can literally get lost climbing through the large wooden play structure and sand boxes.  It’s great for the kids to play in, but it can make a single mama nervous when you have multiple kids to chase after.

And if you are lucky enough to be there early on a Thursday, you can escape the chilly fall morning and head inside the library with your children to listen to the “Song Circle”.
This is a FREE event put on by locals for the younger (0-4) children to sing songs, listen to the guitar and play along with other musical instruments.
Typically this event runs from 11:15-12:00.

The park does have restrooms, but if you are there during “library hours”, I would recommend using their restroom. Much cleaner and there is always soap in the dispenser (plus, it’s next to the playground, so the kids won’t miss out on much)!


Morse Park
5540 Bellaterra Drive, Elk Grove

Located about 25 minutes out of Downtown Sacramento in a residential community in Elk Grove, this park has everything you need for a fun summer day out. 
Two Play structures for the kids with plenty to keep them busy climbing, jumping and playing.  A spray park that is one of the best I’ve seen in the area.  Large sprayers, misters and dumping buckets of water to be sure you will stay cool during the heat. 
This park does have bathrooms, tables, benches, basketball courts, and most everything you would want for a day out with the family.  The one thing it does lack is shade.   They do have some umbrellas, but I would highly recommend bringing your own umbrella or something to create your own shade if you are planning on staying the entire day!

Rainbow City Park- Davis
Located at the corner of W. Covell Blvd. and F Street in Downtown Davis.
The playground consists of mostly wooden play structures in the form of castles, pirate ships, boats, sandboxes and swings… a bit more exciting than the suburban area playstructures made of plastic. The kids have fun using their imaginations, while climbing through tires and running around the large fields of this park. They have three playgrounds at this park, along with a “skate park”, a large cement slide, several fields for playing sports on, bathrooms, plenty of shade and picnic tables. This park is well worth the drive to Davis and is perfect for a day outing.

Seely Park
3000 Pope Ave- between Watt and Fulton Avenues

This Water Spray Park is just the perfect size for toddlers and a little’s a great place to cool off with your wee ones during the hot summer months.  The park itself has all the amenities you could ask for- bathrooms, picnic tables, benches and plenty of shade. For the kids- they have plenty to keep them busy and happy all day long!
They have two play structures, both with slides, mini-rock climbing wall, bars to hang and swing on, swings, rocks to climb on and a great sandbox with a faucet in the middle to make mud pies galore!
Once they are covered in mud- they can splish, splash and run through the small spray park.
The spray park is on the smaller side, which makes it ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. Older kids would still have fun- but not as much as the littler guys.
Bring plenty of sunscreen, snacks and water….you might end up spending the entire day here!


Southside Park
2115 6th Street (near U), Sacramento

This 19 acre park has it all – but by far the most impressive attraction for the little ones is the spaceship! The theme of the play area is “the solar system” and there’s a fantastic tot and infant zone in addition to a merry-go-round. What’s not to love??

Other amenities include: baketball, tennis and bocce ball courts, picnic areas, swimming and wading pools, a 3/4-mile jogging trail, outdoor amiptheatre, and a fitness course.

Parking is generally not a problem … with the exception of fair-weather Sundays, due to the crowds that attend the incredibly popular Farmer’s Market right across the street from the park. And a word to the wise about the restrooms: try not to use them. Consider changing diapers in your car, if necessary – or wait until you’re at a restaurant. Although the park itself is fabulous, the restrooms are not.


William Land Park
3800 West Land Park Drive, Sacramento

William Land Park our favorite park in Sacramento! Not only is it situated in beautiful Land Park, but it’s home to the Sacramento Zoo, Fairytale Town, Funderland Amusement Park, a golf course and other amenities. This park can turn an ordinary day into a fun-filled family afternoon.

The playground is enclosed (a huge relief for moms with multiple kids!) and consists of two play structures, sandbox with diggers, swings and even has a wading pool in the summertime (for the kids 7 and under).

They do have public restrooms, but of course since it is a park- restroom, don’t forget to bring the hand sanitizer!

There are plenty of benches and shade trees for a picnic- so bring along a blanket and enjoy the day, as the kids won’t want to leave the playground!


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