Cool Cuts 4 Kids 4710 Natomas Blvd., Ste 130, Sacramento
Does your little “Rapunzel” need a trim?   This cute hair salon is geared for the little ones and they have plenty of distractions to keep them entertained while they get that hair cut!  Your little ones can sit in a fire engine or race car and watch their favorite movies while they get a trim.  For the siblings, they even have a train table and play area while they wait. They do take drop in’s…but call for an appointment to be on the safe side! Conveniently located next to a “Children’s Place” and down the way from a “Big Spoon Yogurt”…you can take care of a hair cut, some clothes shopping and a special treat after!
Tangles for Kids 7441 Foothills Blvd, Suite 160 Roseville 916-784-8645 Need a haircut? Can your kids see through those long bangs in their eyes? If not…this is a fun salon to keep those kiddos entertained and get those beautiful locks maintained.  Very kid friendly with lots of entertainment and ways to distract them.

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