Celebrate Dr. Seuss at Lakeshore Learning Center in Roseville this Saturday

lakeshoreBy Heather Crivellone

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids entertained on the weekends during these wild stormy days?

There are many options (some are even FREE) to keep your kids engaged, creating and using their imaginations on those “boring” Saturday mornings. Lakeshore Learning Center in Roseville has FREE crafts for kids every Saturday. Each Saturday, you can drop in to the store and have your child create one of their “crafts of the day”.  Every week is something new…and this weekend (February 25), your child can even celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday at a special Birthday Bash!

Beginning at 3pm, kids can enjoy an afternoon of crafts, games and rhyming away with the great Dr. Seuss.  They will have activities, gross-motor games and hourly readings of the classic Dr. Seuss books.

During the mornings, from 11am-3pm, kids can create a one-of-a-kind craft.  Here is a list of the upcoming activities:

Saturday, February 25:  “Pup in a Cup!” Craft

Saturday, March 4:  “Looking Sharp” Pencil Holder

Saturday, March 11:  “Lots O’ Luck Hat” for St. Patricks Day

Saturday, March 18:  “Rockin’ Guitar”

Saturday, March 25:  “Honeybee House”

Hopefully this gives you and your family an idea of something to do on these rainy Saturdays, and remember… the sun will eventually come back out- enjoy the quiet times with your family while you can.



Three Kid-Friendly Fall Projects Using Leaves from Sacramento Area Trees

leaf-lantern-1By Alyssa Green

It’s an absolutely beautiful year for fall leaves in Sacramento.  I don’t know about you, but when I see trees all over the Sacramento Valley just bursting in colors of gold, orange and red, I want to preserve them.  Well, guess what I’ll be doing next week with my kiddos?  Yep, we’ll be preserving some Sacramento leaves in the way of Thanksgiving projects that my boys and I can do together in preparation for Turkey Day.  Take a look at the following three projects – maybe you’ll be making them too!

Leaf Lantern –  This is a fairly quick and easy project, assuming you plan ahead of time (you’ll need pressed leaves for this lantern.)  Take a canning jar, cover  the outside with Modge Podge, then layer your pressed leaves around the jar, to your liking.  Once the leaves have dried, add another layer of Modge Podge.  Add a votive and voila!  A beautiful Thanksgiving table decoration!

Magic Leaf Rubbings – you probably remember leaf rubbings from grade schoMagic Leaf Rubbings (2) from MadtownMacs_blogspot_comol.  Well, this technique takes leaf rubbing to the next level.  Using two pieces of watercolor paper, place your leaves between the sheets, then use a white crayon on its side, to rub over the paper and the leaves underneath.  Lastly, you’ll bring out the watercolor paints.  Using a paint brush, paint over your leaf rubbings, and…ta da!  Beautiful fall leaves appear!  Frame your picture or make them into greeting cards.  There’s a myriad of things you can do with this beautiful artwork.

Leaf-TurkeysLeaf Feather Turkeys – You’ll need some pressed leaves for this project as well, but once the leaves are pressed and dried, this work of art will take just minutes and is easy enough for even the smallest child to do themselves.  Cut out two circles (one large, one small) from brown paper, place the pressed leaves behind the large circle and glue.  The leaves become beautiful turkey feathers!  Next glue the small brown circle in the middle – this will be the turkey’s head.  Add eyes, a beak and waddle and you are done!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone – hope you enjoy our Sacramento leaves projects!

Easy Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

By Alyssa Green

This Christmas craft is so easy you don’t even need directions.  Just look at the picture and you’ll  know what to do.  And you know what that means…your kids can do it, too! 

(But just in case…)  All you need to make this paper plate Christmas tree is, a paper plate, green paint, pom pons, scissors and glue.  Haphazardly paint your plate, let it dry, cut it into a tree shape, cut the remaining pieces into smaller shapes, glue to tree and then decorate with pom poms…or glitter, or anything else you have on hand.  Your kids can go crazy and make one for their teacher…and grandma and grandpa…and their friends.  Hmm.  This could get out of control!

May The Force Be With You – at the Star Wars Science Discovery Weekend

By Alyssa Green

Are you a Star Wars fan?  How about your kids?  I bet you have spent countless hours together watching the movies, building with  Star Wars legos, or dueling with light sabers.  If so, you are all in for a treat this upcoming weekend.  Take a trip back to the 1970’s by celebrating one of the most famous movies of all time with the Sacramento Discovery Museum Science and Space Center. 

This month the Discovery Museum is celebrating science milestones of the 70’s” and Star Wars fans ages 12 and under should head on over to the museum on May 21st or 22nd between 12:30 and 4:00pm for some intergalactic fun.

Kids will be able to make a Star Wars themed project (a paper Star Wars diorama) while watching the original movie Star Wars IV: A New Hope.  There will also be fun Star Wars memorabilia on display including a white Clone Trooper Helmet for the kids to try on.

So, dig out those old Star Wars costumes and let the fun begin!  Not only will your kids have a great time in costume, but they’ll also receive $1.00 off admission to the museum just for dressing up.

General weekend admission is free for children 0-3,  $4.00 for children 4-12, $5.00 for teens and Seniors, and $6.00 for adults.

*The Discovery Science and Space Center is graciously giving away a ONE YEAR Family Membership to one of our lucky readers.  So, if you want to win it…check out their website here, and then come back to our site at Sacramentokids.net and leave a comment about what your kids love about the Museum.   The winner will be randomly chosen on Friday, May 20th.

TrailMix.Net in Old Sacramento

During our latest “adventure”, the kids and I decided to enjoy the cold (yet sunny) February weather and explore some of the greater things that Old Sacramento has to offer.
Beyond the Railroad museum, candy shops and boutiques- we found what I think has to be Sacramento’s best kept secret. Well- it’s probably not so “secret”…but I was in heaven when I finally stumbled upon The Trail Mix.Net Store.

If you or your kids are hikers, backpackers, campers or just nature enthusiasts, then this is the store for you! The best way to really describe this store if you haven’t been is to think of “REI”- but for kids!
Science Kits, books on butterflies, bugs, and dinosaurs, camping gear for kids and all sorts of nature games. They have so many great things for the kids who love nature…and this is a great place to pick up unique birthday gifts for moms to stock up on!

Even though the store is fun to wander through- it was their Activity/Art Center that we were interested in. The Activity Center is set up to be thought of as a “restaurant”- however, instead of the waiter/waitress bringing food, they serve paint, change the painters’ water and make sure that the kids (and adults) are happy.
Just as a restaurant, you can choose an “Entrée”- such as a bird feeder to build and paint, picture frame, flower pot, etc. Or, you can choose something off the “A’la Carte Menu”- blank canvas boards to create your own work of art and adding some “Sides” as U pick-em Seashells, Twigs, Critter Cutouts, and all sorts of other materials to make your artwork unique and your own.
My little kiddos were having so much fun choosing different things to paint…we now have a collection of wooden butterflies, trees, door hangers… and so much more!

I was a little nervous about my little guy who is almost 2 and starting to get very rambunctious (as most little boys are), but he had fun painting his pictures and they have crayons and paper for the little ones to keep entertained. He was artistic for about 5 minutes and then was more intrigued by the Volcano of Rocks and puzzles they have out for the little ones. I literally had to drag my daughter away from the paint since she continued to pick up items off the “A la Carte” menu and I knew it was starting to add up!! You can view their menu on their website.

My suggestion would be to find something off the “Main Course” if your kids are older and enjoy art… if I would have known my girl was going to enjoy it so much, I would have had her make one of their newest additions- a paint your own Kite (we will be back to get that kite…especially since spring is around the corner).
They do have aprons that you can purchase (I would suggest wearing your “Paint Clothes”) and they do have a washroom to clean up in when your done (also equipped with a changing table for the little guys!).

I am absolutely in love with this store… It just makes me excited for the spring to officially hit and bring on the hiking sticks, camping gear and flowers to pot with the kids! Living in Sacramento you have to love being outdoors and enjoying everything this area has to offer. The Trail Mix.Net store is going to make it easy to get my kids excited about nature and all the fun we can have outdoors.