Monster Jam Triple Threat: A Totally New Experience


Never would I have imagined that my four-year-old son’s monster trucks could be brought to life to such a degree, and within such a spectacular venue. We attended the Monster Jam Triple Threat Series at Sacramento’s new Golden 1 Center last night not really knowing what to expect, as my family had never attended anything like this before. Luckily we came prepared with earplugs, which proved to be a wise choice because these machines were loud! Loud and fun!

We were introduced to eight monster trucks and their premier athletes right from the start. Blasting into the arena onto a dirt track with such magnitude and velocity, I honestly forgot where I was. My kids were equally as mesmerized, watching these gigantic machines flipping up into the air, doing wheelies, doughnuts, and landing many times upside down or in other death-defying positions.

My son’s favorites were of course all of them, but Scooby Doo and Grave Digger were the most talked about. My daughter loved Monster Dalmatian, who’s driver is female.

Having seats that were close was amazing because we could see and feel the momentum of each truck, not to mention seeing the exhaust and dirt made us feel like we were part of the show.

Getting to see the athletes after the show was also very thrilling. Families lined up to meet them were stretched half way around the arena. I would say a majority of the audience were families with children. I was surprised to see almost as many girls as boys, all equipped with earplugs of course…and with eyes filled with anticipation, excitement, and a respect for athletes who challenge themselves and push limits!

Monster Jam Triple Threat Series is currently at Golden 1 Center through Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017. You can purchase tickets here.


By guest writer Annie Fairburn


Win Tickets: Monster Jam Triple Threat Series Competes at Golden 1 Center for the First Time


For the first time in Sacramento history, Monster Jam will be rolling into downtown for its annual competition. Beginning on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, engines will roar like thunder at the city’s newest arena, Golden 1 Center. You’ll see old favorites like Grave Digger and Scooby Doo, as well as some newer competitors such as New Earth Authority (N.E.A.) and Mohawk Warrior. In total, premiere athletes will compete in seven unique endurance competitions driving three difference vehicles: Monster Jam trucks, Monster Jam Speedsters and Monster Jam ATVs. This year’s competition is sure to be one for the books!

“Unlike any other Monster Jam event, the Monster Jam Triple Threat Series is the definitive test of endurance, versatility and driving skills that showcases premiere athletes as they go head-to-head in seven unique endurance competitions driving three different vehicles:  Monster Jam trucks, Monster Jam Speedsters and Monster Jam ATVs; ultimately battling for points in both racing and freestyle events that push themselves and their machines to the limit.” – Atherton Public Relations

What: Monster Jam Triple Threat Series

When: Jan. 20-22, 2017

Where: Golden 1 Center

Admission: Ticket prices start at $20, pit passes are $10

WHO WANTS TO GO?! We’ve got 4 tickets to give away to one lucky reader for opening night, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. Answer the following question correctly to be entered in the drawing for the tickets:

What is the approximate weight of each Monster Jam monster truck? Post your answer in the comment section below no later than Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2017 at 5pm. One entry per person, please. The winner will be announced on Thursday, Jan. 6, 2017. Good luck!